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Live in Ethiopia and become younger 7 years !

Hello , Do you know that Ethiopia is 7 year behind the world !!! Yes the year  now in Ethiopia is 2009 not 2017 They have different calendar system than the world . Number of months in the year... Continue Reading →


Navigate to a folder using CMD with one click !

Hello All, Do you want to run some programs or python files through CMD and want to do that with one click without writing any navigation command, here is the way   open the folder you want  click ctrl+shift + right... Continue Reading →

ArcGIS – The art of spatial join

Hi all, As a GIS Professional, it's Mandatory to know what is the spatial join. Imagine you have a list of places and need to know where they are located, in which admin, zone or street. The solution is to... Continue Reading →

How to make your logo free and without installing any program ;)

Today I was designing my blog logo , I was thinking how to make it without any installing programs or even paying money  . below is the way I followed  Open logo maker website or any site you prefer  Design... Continue Reading →

ArcGIS online Part 1

Hello all , it's now easy to represent your data on map in just 5 minutes , all you want to do is to have excel sheet contains data and locations fields (lat ,long) then follow the below easy steps... Continue Reading →

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